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January is Dubbed National Divorce Month. Are You Considering Participating?

When the holiday festivities end, people begin their planning for the New Year.

For many couples, the New Year means beginning the process of divorce.Man is taking off the wedding ring

January is dubbed National Divorce Month. It’s the month when courts start seeing a spike in divorce cases. In 2019, January 7 is dubbed Divorce Day. A day when Family Law Attorneys receive an increase in inquiries about divorce.

The timing makes some sense. Many couples prefer not to spoil the festive holidays with a potentially painful and dramatic decision. Also, the New Year tends to be a time for re-evaluations and fresh starts.

However, a decision to divorce isn’t an easy one. If you’re considering divorce, please don’t hesitate to seek the guidance of a Family Law Attorney to address any concerns you might have regarding divorce issues like child timesharing, finances, property distribution, parental responsibility, alimony along with other considerations. Feel free to call us at (904) 567-3113 to discuss your situation.

Considerations When You File for Divorce

Decisions to file for divorce are often made emotionally. If you’re contemplating a divorce, there are important factors you will need to consider that may impact your financial and emotional future.

This is why it’s important to seek the guidance of an impartial Family Law Attorney when making a decision about divorcing a spouse.

Consideration 1: Is Divorce the Right Answer

If both you and your spouse are reasonably discussing divorce, make sure this is the path that’s best for both of you.

A couple’s counselor or mediator can help spouses come to an agreement on this life-changing decision.

Consideration 2: Know Your Financial Situation

Understanding your family’s financial situation is critical. Make sure you have:

  • Records of all assets and debts both you and your spouse possess
  • An idea of the monetary values on as many of you and your spouse’s possessions
  • Copies of as many financial records as you can
  • An understanding of your spouse’s income

Consideration 3: Plan Your Living Arrangements

Where will you live during the divorce process? Will both spouses reside in the same household or will one move out? Understanding your financial situation would help if considering two different households during the divorce process.

Consideration 4: What Type of Child Timesharing Do You Want

This consideration could be the most contentious during the divorce process. The child timesharing issues deliberated during divorce are:

  • Parental Responsibility
  • Timesharing
  • Child Support

Always Involve a Family Law Attorney When Considering a Divorce

We understand that relationships between couples considering divorce aren’t always amicable. Enlisting the guidance of an experienced Family Law Attorney can help you understand your position and develop a game plan for the best possible outcome in your divorce.

Please contact a Family Law Attorney from the Fusco Law Group at (904) 567-3113 for a free consultation.