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Experienced DUI & Criminal Defense

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Our Experience Can Help Put Charges Behind You

From traffic violations, misdemeanors, DUI, and/or felony charges, the legal process can be overwhelming and very stressful.

Not only do you have to deal with the pending threat to your freedom, reputation and life but also the unknown of the criminal justice system.

Our job is to fight for you and defend your rights throughout the legal process.

We’re committed to building a defense strategy that is effective, and always considerate of what’s in your best interests.

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DUI & Criminal Law Areas of Expertise

Our goal is to ensure our clients have the best possible representation no matter what issue in life they’re facing. We represent clients in Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Nassau, Putnam, Baker, Flagler, Hamilton, Volusia and Columbia counties.

DUI & DUI Controlled Substance (Prescription Meds)

Traffic Violations

  • Speeding
  • DWI
  • No Valid License
  • Running Stop Sign
  • Points and Suspended License
  • Habitual traffic offender and possible felony charge

Drug Possesion

Domestic Violence

Reckless Driving




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DUI & Criminal Defense Education Center

Below, you’ll find detailed information on your rights, legal process and potential defense strategies on a variety of criminal law topics.

DUI/Drunk Driving

A DUI conviction can devastate the rest of your life. From the officer’s initial decision to arrest to the loss of your driving privileges, the legal process can be intimidating.

We’ll fight hard to protect your rights, build your DUI defense and provide the best counsel for your situation.

Traffic Violations

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Moving traffic violations—from speeding to running stop signs—can bring years of costly consequences.

We’ll work to help you avoid points on your license, suspension of your driving privilege, and mitigate insurance rate increases.

Drug Possession

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From illegal prescription to street drugs, being caught in possession can be a serious offense with a lifetime impact. Just remember, you’re innocent until proven guilty.

We’ll work to build your case and attack the constitutionality of the search and seizure of your belongings.



Regardless if it’s petty or grand theft, a conviction can be costly to your future—and not only with possible jail time. It can seriously impact your employability and make renting an apartment or home difficult.

We’ll work on your behalf to ensure a fair trial and explore ways to reduce charges and minimize penalties.