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About Fusco Law Group

We ensure our clients have the best possible legal representation no matter what issue in life they’re facing.

My Name is Lewis Fusco, Esquire

I became an attorney to help people and ensure their voices are heard.

Throughout my life, I have learned that people are a product of their environment.

Whether it is adverse childhood experiences, negative social environments, substance abuse, poverty, trauma, or a variety of circumstances beyond their control, everyone reacts differently to their situation.

My clients are likely going through one of the most difficult times of their lives while navigating a complex justice system. I take pride in fighting for my clients and will exhaust all options to achieve the best possible outcome in whatever challenging situation they are facing.

When I first started Fusco Law, I focused exclusively on Criminal Defense. The trust I built with my clients brought new opportunities. Former clients contacted me daily seeking advice on legal issues not related to criminal law.

That is why I expanded to other areas of law and formed Fusco Law Group to aid clients in other legal matters such as Family Law, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Entertainment Law.

I built a solid team and network of specialists just as passionate as I am about assisting clients during challenging times, advocating for their rights and needs, and always striving to make a positive impact in their lives.

Lewis Fusco, Esquire

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Our Areas of Practice

We represent clients in Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Nassau, Putnam, Baker, Flagler, Hamilton, Volusia and Columbia counties.

DUI & Criminal Defense

Officer Arresting Young Man

If you’re facing a serious criminal charge or even a traffic violation, we’ll stand by you and defend your rights at every stage in the legal process.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Car accident

When facing staggering medical bills, lost wages, a life changing disability, or the unexpected loss of a loved one we're prepared to fight to get the compensation you deserve.

Family Law

wedding rings and court gavel

When you’re facing personal legal issues–divorce, child support, parental rights, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence—we’re the family law attorneys that can represent your best interest.

Assisting Entertainers Nationwide

From New York to Los Angeles, we’re experienced at advising musicians, athletes, authors, and other entertainers throughout the U.S. on how to avoid many of the legal pitfalls associated with the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Law

Man playing guitar