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Guidance from an Experienced Music Lawyer: When is the Right Time to Add Key Players to Your Music Career Team?

Smiling young African American singer wearing headphones sitting in a recording studio preparing to lay down tracksSo, you’ve been lucky enough to record music. Maybe you’ve been even luckier to see your music catapult into some sort of success and wondering how to propel your music career to the next level.

Possibly you’re wondering if it’s the right time to build your music career team.

So, when is the right time?

The truth is, it’s different for all artists because everyone has different needs at different times.

The larger your career blossoms, the larger your team grows. It is all about assembling a team that’s just as hungry as you or even more.

Below, we’ll explore key players many successful musicians add to their music team to create a strong and sustainable music business career.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Who are the Key Players in a Successful Music Business Team?

Do You Need a Music Lawyer?

Yes, music or entertainment lawyers are arguably the most vital part of managing your career as a musician. They help to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your contract. They’re there to make sure you aren’t signing your life away on your first contract, which happens A LOT.

Music lawyers have extensive relationships within the entertainment industry that can yield opportunities for musicians, a knowledge of music law and intellectual property, attention to detail, and a strong awareness of risk management.

A music lawyer is the person everyone on your team calls when they have a question that begins with “Can we . . .”

Whether an artist is being undervalued, opens up the door to litigation by performing at a personal event, or needs a sample cleared in the late hours of the night, the music lawyer accomplishes that for you.

It’s also common for discovery-minded music lawyers to play a hybrid lawyer-manager-A&R role to jumpstart careers, connecting young artists they believe in with other team members in exchange for a stake in that creator’s future endeavors.

When is the Right Time to Hire a Music Lawyer when Building a Music Career Team?

There is no rulebook when you’re just getting started. It’s best to hire a lawyer if something involves money, ownership, or collaboration, or you are signing something substantial.

Do You Need a Music Manager?

Yes, a music manager can be vital to your music career team. A music manager can help you navigate the murky waters of the music industry. They are the hub that sits between everyone and makes sure that they do what they are supposed to do and execute your vision.

What makes a great manager is someone who has the resources and the contacts to expand your business.

Artists suggest that you find someone who loves your music! The best managers are someone you’re already extremely close with or someone you respect for their past experiences.

Do You Need a Music Booking Agent?

A music booking agent might be a good addition to your music career team. Booking agents are considered an optional player to your team once there is a demand for your music and someone wants to see you play.

They aren’t necessary, but they take a good load off your shoulders as an artist and the remaining members of your team.

Do You Need a Music Publicist?

Music publicists are highly recommended for a music career team. They help artists communicate their message of how they want to be perceived. The power of perception can drive a successful music career and an experienced publicist can take you there.

How Do You Choose Key Players in Your Music Career Team?

You’ll want to choose experienced professionals for your music career team. Look at who they are associated with and past experience with music professionals. Also, determine what personality traits work best for building your team? You have to find someone who has a passion for you and your art because you’re asking that person to care as much about your art and your craft as you do.

Get the Legal Help You Need for a Successful Music Career

An experienced Entertainment Lawyer can help you avoid the legal pitfalls associated with the entertainment industry.

Lewis Fusco is a discovery-minded music lawyer with extensive experience in entertainment law and production. He’s available to help you with the guidance you’ll need to build a successful and sustainable music career.

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