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Don’t Let Holiday Cheers Bring DUI Gloom

holiday-cheersIt’s the holiday season and our calendars are booked with office parties along with festive family and friend get-togethers. And it’s common to have a few drinks to add to all the fun.

However, that holiday cheer can quickly turn to gloom if you’re not careful.

It’s Not Just the Holiday Season, Its DUI Season

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, expect to see increased police patrols and Jacksonville-area DUI checkpoints. That means more DUI arrests, which could lead to a life-devastating DUI conviction.

That’s certainly not how you want to remember the holidays.

If you’re planning on imbibing at holiday parties, be sure to use common sense. Have a designated driver or a cab number on hand.

If You’re Driving, Know Your Rights—And Fusco Law’s Phone Number: (904) 537-9384

Being caught up in a Jacksonville sobriety checkpoint or pulled over by a police officer can be stressful. Especially if you’ve had a drink or two. It can all start so innocently, just a couple of drinks at a friend’s house. You feel perfectly fine and begin heading home. Many times I hear “I felt fine”, but it doesn’t take much to blow over the legal limit.

If you are pulled over by the police, keep in mind some of these helpful tips.

Keep your registration and proof of insurance paper clipped together in an easily accessible location. Fumbling around for these items in your vehicle or inability to locate these documents will be noted as an indicator of impairment.

Do not make any incriminating statements or try to talk your way out of the stop. Simply hand the officer your documentation and let him do the talking.

If asked to step out of the vehicle to perform field sobriety exercises, remember that these exercises are VOLUNTARY. After all, your performance on these tests could be influenced by physical disabilities, prior injuries or just plain nervousness. Though your refusal will be used against you in court, you cannot be forced to perform these unnatural exercises. If you have a medical condition or an injury that could affect your performance, make it clear to the officer that you are refusing due to your injuries/condition.

If you are taken into custody, remember that you are being filmed in the back seat of the patrol car. Begging for mercy will not help the situation. Be polite and let the officer know you want to speak with your attorney at Fusco Law.

Most importantly, remain silent. Don’t answer any questions until you speak with an attorney at Fusco Law!

That’s why it’s vital to have my number handy—especially during the holiday season.

For more information on your rights and Florida DUI laws, check out my DUI/Drunk Driving in Northeast Florida and Your Rights webpage .