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Arrests of Juveniles can be hard for the whole family

What to Do After Your Child Has Been Arrested:

As a parent it may be difficult to be notified that your child has been arrested. What happens when your child is sitting in a jail cell? It has been found that many parents are receiving these calls at higher rates in Duval County than in any other coun

ty in Florida. In 2016, 469 juveniles were arrested in just Duval County for minor offenses. Minor offenses could be resolved with citations. So, what do you do as a parent or guardian? What happens after your child has been taken through the arrest and booking process?

In juveniles cases, there is an option for young people to issued civil citations instead of being placed under arrest. The use of civil citations allows teenagers to do community service and apologize instead of being undergoing the arrest and booking process. Civil citations can be used for minor crimes which include fighting, alcohol/drug offenses, and petty theft.

Here is what you can do if you find your child arrested:

Firstly, make sure your child understands his/her Amendment rights. Under the 4th Amendment, search and seizures are illegal without a valid search warrant. If he/she is found in a drug/alcohol related scenario make sure he/she does not consent to field sobriety exercises. Ensure your child fully understands his/her 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Remember “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Have your child demand to speak with his/her attorney before he/she answers any questions. Also, make sure to call our office at 904-567-3113 for a free consultation where we will discuss the best possible outcomes for any given situation.

It can be scary to encounter the Criminal Justice System, especially if there is a young person involved, but do not be afraid. At Fusco Law Group, we understand your concerns and we are equipped at Fusco Law Group to ease your worries.

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