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2021 Houston Astroworld Festival Tragedy: Entertainment Law Perspective

Rock concert. Leader on the stage. Silhouette of the crowd in front of the stage.A crowd surge during the Astroworld Festival headline by Travis Scott at Houston’s NRG Park on November 5, 2021, resulted in 10 deaths and many injuries.

Shortly thereafter, attorneys representing nearly 300 victims began the process to obtain performer contracts, festival contracts, and insurance contracts to determine relationships between all the parties that may be held liable for the incident.

As of November 19, 2021, nearly 200 lawsuits have been filed seeking over $3 billion in damages.

Those being sued include:

  • Travis Scott, who was not only a performer but also an organizer and supervisor of the event
  • Fellow concert performer Drake
  • Ticket Service Live Nation Entertainment
  • Promoter Scoremore (a subsidiary of Live Nation)
  • Apple, which provided live streaming services
  • Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation, which manages NRG Park

Many legal experts predict most of these lawsuits will be settled out of court over time.

However, the performers could see lasting damage to their careers as concert outlets and insurance companies may reconsider their arrangements for future events.

Entertainment Attorney Perspective on the Houston Astroworld Festival Tragedy

As a music fan and frequent concert goer, I watched the unfolding story of the Houston tragedy feeling sorrow for the victims, who were there just to enjoy an evening of music.

As an Entertainment Lawyer, I’ve watched the ongoing developments from a legal perspective.

The tragedy has reinforced the importance of entertainers obtaining the right legal representation from an attorney who will always be by their side looking out for their best interest.

Reviewing Your Contracts and Liabilities

As mentioned above, lawyers are currently pouring over contracts to pinpoint potential liabilities and relationships between entertainers, promoters, live streamers, and insurance companies.

By reviewing contracts in advance of an event, an experienced Entertainment Lawyer can help entertainers navigate the complexities of the various contracts associated with these events.

When reviewing contracts as an Entertainment Lawyer, I keep an eye out for unfavorable conditions that could be detrimental to my clients. It’s my job to spot these issues and help negotiate more favorable terms.

Reviewing Your Insurance Policies

Insurance policies will play a big part in the settlements reached by the Astroworld lawsuits.

Experienced entertainers will purchase commercial general liability insurance. Unfortunately, it’s common for many policies to be inadequate in covering many situations entertainers may find themselves in.

Insurance contracts are legally complex. After all, an attorney probably wrote them.

When representing an entertainer, I would look to ensure that my client is well covered in any insurance contract they sign.

Reviewing Your Media Strategy

When a well-publicized incident impacts an entertainer’s career, it’s important that a consistent and carefully constructed message that minimizes damage be communicated to the public.

Generally, a team will be brought together to craft messaging and help the entertainer navigate the media storm. The team would consist of the entertainer, public relationship specialists, writers, spokesperson, and, most essential, an Entertainment Attorney.

The Entertainment Attorney provides the legal expertise to ensure that all team members communicate messages that help to minimize the potential damage that could lead to further legal issues.

Get the Entertainment Legal Representation that Protects Your Best Interest

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